Welcome to Cosas Bonitas Oregon

Mirror Fish
Pine Basket
Huichol Bear

Here at ‘Beautiful Things’ Oregon we love Latin American fine art and folk art and are always looking for practical and beautiful items to enhance our customers’ lives.

Where to see the Art in Person

We are happy to announce we are now at the Portland World Market in downtown Portland, Oregon on the Willamette River next to Ankeny Plaza from March through December!!  The location is right next to the Portland Saturday Market.  The folk art and jewelry can now be seen in person every Saturday and Sunday during those months.  We also participate in regional events.  We can also send pictures of things we have to select from and purchase.

Huichol Indian Beaded Art, Jewelry and Yarn Art

We specialize in Huichol Indian beaded art and jewelry from Mexico. Read more about the special source of this beaded art where beads, carvings and beeswax are used to create wonderful animal figures, prayer bowls, masks, jewelry and crosses. Our group of artists use beads that are much smaller than are usually used in Huichol art, giving it much more detail. We also carry exquisite yarn art in which the artist brings visions to life using yarn and beeswax on a wood frame.

Mexican and Latin American Folk Art and Jewelry

We offer a selection of folk art, crafts and jewelry from many places in Mexico and Latin America including many types of pottery; Oaxacan tin mirrors and alebrijes (fantastical carved figures); Tarahumara baskets; Dia de los Muertos art; amate (bark) paintings, coconut masks and platters from Guerrero; Talavera pottery; Zapotecan rugs and Guatemalan jewelry among our many items. Read more about everything that we offer.

Fair Trade Art

We are committed to fair trade, providing a sustainable living for our artists and their families. Read about our fair trade policies.