About Us

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We have always been drawn to Latin folk art and several years ago we began to search out folk art to share with others. For us, the term “folk art” encompasses practicality, beauty and spirit. We are excited to share this art with you and we are sure you will find that the folk art we carry is beautiful, practical and has meaning.

Fair Trade

It is also very important to us that the folk art be acquired adhering to fair trade principles. Read about the various types of folk art we offer on the Other Folk Art page.

Finding our Huichol Art

There is a lot of Huichol art, but this particular art is special for two reasons: the smaller-than-normal seed bead size used and the fact that it is a fair trade relationship, assuring the artists a stable income. Read more about this art on the Huichol Art page. We are committed to making it available both here in the Northwestern United States and to the world at large through our website.

Come see our art in person!

We are located in Portland, Oregon.  We now have a small store in the new Portland World Market where the art may be seen on Saturday and Sunday from March through December or by appointment, so please contact us.  The Portland World Market is in the historic fire station downtown on the river next to the Portland Saturday Market. Both markets are on Naito Parkway and Ankeny Plaza.  We have many pieces of folk art from Latin America and it is amazing to see it in person!