Other Folkart And Craft

Jaguar Mask
Peruvian Church
Talavera Vase

Listed here are the types of folk art that we carry. Click our Shop link to see the individual items. Our shop includes information on the origins of the pieces.

Read about our special and extensive collection of Mexican Huichol art on the Huichol Art page.

Most of the folk art, crafts and jewelry we have are made by indigenous groups.

We have many more items in our store than are listed on this website. Reading the descriptions of our offerings gives an idea of the kinds of things available. We are happy to answer queries for certain items so feel free to contact us.

Here is a sampling of the different types of items we offer:

  • Mexican Oaxacan tin mirrors and ornaments, alebrijes (fantastical figures) and black clay pottery such as vases, animals and candleholders
  • Day of the Dead art from various areas in Mexico
  • Amate (bark) paintings, platters, ‘story’ pottery and coconut masks from the Mexican state of Guerrero
  • Mexican Talavera pottery crosses, vases and dishes, as well as frogs and lizards that can hang on the wall
  • “Rustic” pottery from Guadalajara in the form of angel candle holders, animals and “circle of friends” candle holders
  • Beautiful and useful Mexican baskets from several indigenous groups including wedding baskets, Tarahumara pineneedle and lidded baskets
  • Zapotecan Mexican rugs and textiles for the home
  • Guatamalan jewelry – see our jewelry page
  • Frida Kahlo art
  • Embroideries and textiles for the home
  • Vintage Art – From time to time we find wonderful pieces that we can’t pass up and we add them to the store. These will always be marked as “vintage”.

View and purchase these items by visiting our Shop. We always have new and different things, so check back often!